What about the donuts?!?!?!?!?


Many of you come to this little blog via Café Nordo, where my title is technically Executive Chef and Co-Artistic Director. It’s a nice title, but what about Chief Food Engineer? Chef of Fantastical Elements? Crazy Fancy Eater? Creative Food Elevator? My primary creative job was to make fanciful menus that wove into the stories we told. I like CFE as a job title that sounds simultaneously C-Level and also puzzling. Which pretty much sums up my job at Nordo.

I started this blog with the intention of working up the hundreds of recipes I had created for those shows for the home cook, eventually working towards a cookbook. This is still the plan, eventually. Those Mashed Potato Donuts served with coffee-spiked gravy in a coffee cup are still on the way.

But I find myself between kitchens. I no longer have my massive commercial Nordo kitchen, (which is okay, I want to make the recipes for the home cook anyway.) I am also remodeling my home kitchen. When it’s done, (this fall, I pray to the Gods,) it’s going to be a gorgeous, light filled space specifically laid out for me to do online cooking classes, video demos, and take some great food photos. For you kitchen nerds out there, we’re going with induction, soapstone, and a giant apron front fireclay workstation sink. I think our architect was surprised when we provided a design inspiration board that included wet river rocks and glacial run off, but she was on board. I couldn’t convince anyone that building the whole thing around an antique Hoosier cabinet was the right idea, but we’re doing a really pretty nod to the idea that will scratch that itch. 

While all this construction happens, I hope to entertain you with my food-related adventures, thoughts, and musings. Recipes will return to the blog as soon as I’ve got a workspace to make sure they are just as you remember them. (As of now they are grease-splattered papers with tiny handwriting in the margins, just waiting to be translated for you.) 

If you have any very specific dishes you are yearning to make at home, go ahead and leave it in the comments! I would love to hear what you remember most fondly! (Besides the Potato Donuts and Coffee Gravy. 😉 ) 

Erin in her apple green tile kitchen crossing her fingers and looking hopeful

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  1. Kristin E says:

    I still dream about the pate! It was my favorite part of the charc and cheese plates.

  2. Sonja Tompkins says:

    The kimchi grilled cheese! Actually, the whole menu from Don Nordo!!!

  3. Barbara Davidoff says:

    I wish there was a list of menus from the shows. I know there was some still I absolutely loved but my (OLD) brain is CRS.

    1. They’re all on the website! Under each of the “past shows” pages. ❤️

  4. Steve Ditore says:

    How’s the search for a new Nordo space coming? I miss too many of
    the shows, mostly due to rusted-out windshield wipers on my 42-year-
    old car.

    1. Terry’s doing great updates on the Nordo blog! https://www.cafenordo.com/nordo-blog

  5. Yes, bring on the scaled menus for the home cook! We have all of Nordo’s “Room Service” boxes, and I’ve had fun coming up with my own menus for review/replay evenings.
    Also, I adore apron-front sinks, I desperately need to remodel our kitchen, and now I have kitchen envy, Erin. 😉

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