Thanksgiving Cooking Class – Everything You Need To Make Thanksgiving Dinner

Everything but the Turkey – A Live Online Thanksgiving Cooking Class

“This night of cooking was SO MUCH FUN and a huge mental health – pick-me-up – just what I needed to liven up my Thanksgiving! .”

-Colleen M., Bellevue , WA

Thanksgiving Cooking Class

November 22
5:00 PM (PST)

3 Hours

If you’ve ever wondered if you can pull off a full Thanksgiving dinner, the answer is YES! Everything but the Turkey is a party that you will feel an INCREDIBLE sense of accomplishment after. It’s a get-you-totally-ready-for Thanksgiving Cooking Class. We’re making apple pie and all the sides to get you ready for the big turkey day! A complete beginner, not sure if you’re up for hosting but want to make a special day for family and friends? This is the year to try. In three hours we will make all of the sides you need. All you’ll need to do Thursday is pop the bird in the oven and make some gravy.

And for veterans of the Thanksgiving hosting mantle who just may want to freshen things up for you, the menu is a modern spin on all the traditional favorites.

In this three-hour Thanksgiving Cooking Class we will make:

Mom’s Apple Pie – Literally the pie of my mother. I made hundreds of apple pies over the years at my mom’s bakery, and in the spirit of old dog/new tricks she has, at 71, found an even more perfect crust than the one she’s been making all these years. (Special guest for this portion of the Thanksgiving Cooking Class is…MY MOM! Debbie Brindley, of Repast Bakery in Seattle and New York City.)

Stuffing Bread Pudding (Like bread pudding and stuffing had a savory baby) – Stuffing is my favorite part of the Thanksiving meal. It might seem impossible to upgrade this sagey, sausagey, (or mushroomy if you’re anti-sausage,) delight but I’m proud to say I HAVE DONE IT.

Cardamom Carroty Carrots – The side that surprises! It’s basically just carrots and butter, how good can it be? Answer: Really, really good. We cook the carrots in carrot juice for hot carrot on carrot action, and then reduce the carrot juice and add the butter for a bright and beautiful glaze.

Orange-Ginger-Cranberry Sauce – Fresh cranberries with fresh ginger and orange for that pop that cuts through all the herbaceous umami of Thanksgiving. (Maybe this is my favorite part of Thanksgiving?)

And we will have long, philosophical talks about gravy, and a gravy demo to get you ready for the final touch on your Turkey Day feast.

When will we get cookin’?

November 1 you will receive the shopping list, equipment list, and everything you need to get yourself ready for the class. (We are also working on an Instacart feature that will fill your cart up for you with all your ingredients if you want your Thanksgiving ingredients delivered to your door.)

November 22 you will receive the zoom link in your inbox with the email you provide us and we’ll be OFF!

At 5pm PST we’ll start with a leisurely pie tutorial. We’ll get those pies in the oven and at 6pm it’s ON…whether it’s your first thanksgiving dinner or your fortieth, we’ll make it happen together – no disasters!

What’s in my fridge at the end of the class?

  • Mom’s Apple Pie
  • Stuffing Bread Pudding
  • Carroty Carrots
  • Orange-Ginger Cranberry Sauce

Can I cook all this delicious food by myself?

YES! However, it is way more fun with two of you. There are things, (like cutting up a gazillion apples,) that some people have found they were racing to finish on their own. You’ll be getting a list of everything we are doing beforehand, and if you want to get ahead, we’ll have a nice little prep list of things you can do the night before if you’re feeling a little stressed about the speed of your knife skills. But don’t worry! We’ll pace the class to make sure everyone succeeds. Register now for this Thanksgiving Cooking Class and PREFUNK THE TURKEY WITH ME!

Everythinb but the Turkey, A Virtual Thanksgiving Cooking Class with Chef Erin Brindley

“I loved Everything But the Turkey! …the dishes hit the sweet spot – enough different that it didn’t feel ordinary but not weird or inappropriate for the holiday. All the courses were bright lights in the pandemic. Sincere thanks for your creativity.”

-Laura S, Washington DC
Erin Brindley in a chefs coat with a little smile.

Erin Brindley
Chef, Educator, Innovator

I’m a chef, recipe creator, writer and teacher dedicated to creating magical, memorable, food oriented experiences. I was Executive Chef and menu designer at Cafe Nordo from 2009-2022, garnering me a Best Chef in Seattle Award in 2018. Over the lockdown I developed a series of fun, interactive live cooking classes, and can’t wait to share them with you!

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